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 Photo: Memoori

Photo: Memoori

 Photo: Motiv

Photo: Motiv

Imagine waking up early in the morning and going for a 6am run without your phone, only to come back and find the distance, minutes, calories burned, and heart rate of that run appear on your phone. That’s exactly what Motiv ring does. 

Health and fitness have never been hotter. Veganism is on a high, gyms are the new nightclubs and Apple introduced us to the trusted Apple Watch. Now a new contender has entered the game: Motiv ring; a lightweight, waterproof (up to 165 feet), premium titanium cased ring that tracks your fitness, sleep and heart rate. 

If you’re thinking: ‘Oh God, not another fitness fad…’ then stop right there. What differentiates this from everything else you’ve tried is that you don’t have to do anything to activate it. Simply download the app, place the ring on your finger, and the ring will do the rest. Motiv ring automatically starts tracking your activity as soon as it senses you go for a run or fall asleep at night. Hassle free technology for £199. 

While most fitness tracking technological devices have to be charged every day, the Motiv ring can last three whole days without being charged and can last five up to five days tracking your activity without ever being synced to your phone. Available in two colours, rose gold and slate gray, the device is easily charged by magnetically attaching itself to a charging dock that can attach to any USB port and takes between 60 to 90 minutes to charge completely.  

The best part about this, is that it senses all kinds of activity from volleyball and ice skating to running and even sex. What better way to track your fitness than a ring that’s so close to the skin, it’ll never miss a beat. 

Founded: 2013 by Mike Strasser and co-founders Curt von Badinski, Eric Strasser, and Peter Twiss.
Drawcard: Motiv is waterproof and able to last three days on a single charge, which makes it the ultimate accessory to keep you accountable– even on holidays. 
Cost: $199.


 Photo: TechCrunch 

Photo: TechCrunch 

You’re in a line waiting, along with 20 other people, to get into one of your favourite restaurants in the city. The line is moving slowly, you’ve been here for half an hour already. So you’re standing there, with aching feet and a growling stomach, thinking about all the other activities you could be doing right now (like eating) in the time it will take you to reach the front of the line. 

Enter NoWait. 

Nowait is a mobile app that replaces the literal wait in line with a virtual one. Founded in 2016 by Robb Myer, the app was born following Myer’s own experience standing in a long line for brunch for 45 minutes one morning. Targeted towards ‘fast-casual’ restaurants that don’t take reservations, such as TGI’s, Nowait has been dubbed the ‘anti-reservation app’. 

The functionality is as simple as its simplicity. Step one, open up the app, which is available for free on Apple and Android phones), and look at the list of restaurants available. Click on one to see the wait time and click a tab to “join the line” and then wait for a text to ping onto the screen of your phone that allows you to know when your turn is coming up. Et voila! Time not wasted, food on time. 

With new restaurants joining NoWait every day, the app has been acquired by Yelp with hopes for over 1,000 restaurants to join by the end of the year. 

Founded: 2016 by Rob Myer.
Drawcard: Makes eating out a whole lot easier, especially when dealing with perpetually late friends. 
Cost: $0. Nowait is completely free to download on your iPhone or Android device.



 Photo: Eaze

Photo: Eaze

Medical marijuana. 

Two small words that mean wonders to many. Today, it’s never been easier to obtain weed with a doctor’s note. Especially since Eaze the ‘Uber for pot’ was founded back in 2014 by Keith McCarty. With over 120,000 deliveries per month to over 250,000 customers, the service is currently only available in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, with hopes to expand to other states. 

Since the start-up first appeared on the radar, it’s raised $10 million from various investors, including Snoop Dogg. The app has proven so successful that it started a second service, called EazeMD, where the company will get a patient in touch with one of many partner doctors. Customers simply open up a video chat through the app, which connects them to a doctor. The doctor then has 20 minutes to decide to whether the customer needs medical marijuana or not. If they do, following a $25 fee, a PDF of the doctor’s note is sent to the inbox of the patient and Eaze delivers to weed to you in under 30 minutes. Doctors are available from 8am to midnight, every day of the week. 

A simple service, with a simple vision: help people relax. 

Founded: 2014 by Keith McCarty.
Drawcard: It’s been dubbed the ‘Uber of Pot’, and Snoop Dogg himself has given Eaze his blessing (and financial backing). So you can rest assured, it’s dope.
Cost: $25 if you’re approved by the Eaze doctor.



 Photo: Brandless 

Photo: Brandless 

Grocery stores have a range of different cleaning products on their shelves. Take five dish soaps that range between the prices of $5 to $9.99. How do people decide which brand is better than the other? Could it be that people believe the brand with the highest cost is the most effective? Do people truly care about the brand at all? 

Brandless, a new ecommerce start-up founded in July of 2017 by Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler, was born because they believe people value the product attributes over the brand’s name. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American households spends roughly $585 a month on food, Brandless has not only set each item at a solid price of $3, but it also offers a label on each item that lists all the attributes the product has, making it easier for someone to decide whether the product is worth purchasing or not. 

The online store includes groceries, healthcare, beauty and household items, ranging from peanut butter and coconut oil to lotion and tongs. It also offers non-GMO products with options of organic, fair trade, kosher, vegan, and gluten free on selected products that can be filtered to find easily. 

The grocery store also includes a yearly membership service for $36, which offers free shipping for every order over $48. As far as money saving services go, this is a goldmine. 

Founded: 2017 by Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler. 
Drawcard: Easy way to save money on groceries, healthcare, beauty and household items. 
Cost: $3 per item. You can also subscribe to their yearly membership, B.More, for $36 a year, and receive free shipping on all orders over $48. 



 Photo: Wag!

Photo: Wag!

Dogs are man’s and woman’s best friend. If you grew up with one, you know the level of comfort, happiness, and unconditional love a dog can provide. But with the busy nine to five schedules that most of us lead, it can be difficult to make the leap and get a dog. 

Joshua Viner was one of these people. Scaling up the success ladder of being a tech entrepreneur while reminiscing over his childhood Shetland Sheepdog, Brittany. He told friends that he’d like to get a dog again, but they came back with those dreaded words every person hates to hear but knows is true: ‘It’s not fair on the dog if you’re never home.’ 

And it is true, that’s why Viner came up with the brilliant idea of starting an online service called Wag! The app connects dog owners with trusted, certified dog walkers, dog sitters and boarding services, seven days a week. Customers can schedule the service on-demand, schedule it in advance or set it up as a recurring arrangement. 

The process is simple too. Once the dog is handed over to the dog walker, the owner can keep an eye on the dog via a live GPS tracker. After each walk, they’ll receive an activity report to be informed if the dog ‘took care of business’ or not too. And if the dog stays overnight somewhere, the owner can receive up-to-date photos to always be sure their little pup is doing okay. 

Not only does it mean your dog is in safe hands, it also means that each walk your dog goes on feeds shelter dogs with no cost to you. Easy, sensible, safe. All a dog owner could want. 

Founded: 2014 by Joshua Viner. 
Drawcard: On-demand care for your doggy that fits around your lifestyle and gives back to the canine community.  
Cost: Pricing is determined by market. On average, a 30-minute dog walk on Wag! is $20. Check out their dog exerciser calculator (yes, really) to see the recommended walk for your dog. 


Words: Ayla Soguksu