Get to know: BAD ROYALE


Meet Maor Levi, Kevin Wild, Bruce Karlsson, and Elias Ghosn, the DJ and producer group known as Bad Royale. Based in Southern California, the band’s latest single “All I Can Do” is set to become the sound of summer. We caught up with the group to discuss their new sound, collaborating with Steve Aoki, and their dream for the summer of 2020.

How did you meet? Did you know each other before?

We had all met through our solo careers making music. We were signed to the same label, and became internet friends. We knew each other in a digital space, and three of the four members had moved in together.

Where did you grow up? How did it influence you musically?

We are a pretty worldly bunch, two of us are from the United States, one was born in California, the other in Washington. The other two are from Norway and Israel. Of course our surroundings have given us some musical influence, but we really like to experiment with music we aren’t use to hearing, it is what made us step out of the box and get to where we are now.

What are your individual roles in the band?

As a production group, it is kind of hard to split everything up into individual roles, we are all over the place, it is more or less who gets to what first. Of course we all have our specialties, all of us work on music and all of us are on social media, we haven’t really separated into roles.

Who/what are your influences?

As for musical artists, we are always looking at the underground artists who are really pushing new sounds and trying to stand out from their peers. There is a small group of rappers in Trinidad and Tobago that go by the name Overdose Crew, they have some really unique things going on. There are also various producers like Louis the Child, Jr Blender, King Henry, Boaz Van de Beatz, and Cashmere Cat, who are always doing something new and different but on such a level of class that you can’t ignore what they are making, even if it is knee jerking.

How would you classify your music?

Currently, we would say it is Caribbean Bass, Caribbean Dance Music.

Did anyone ever consider going down the boyband path?

It was never any one of our goals. The whole Bad Royale project started as a joke, and grew into what it is today, none of us ever envisioned it turning into the boyband that it is.

What made you decide to start your own record label, “Rude Mood”?

With all of us making music, it was hard to get all of it released with all these clashing schedules. The majority of the time we couldn’t meet seasonal deadlines for music releases because labels had so many other priorities, so we decided to open our own label so we could put out music whenever we wanted and also help others release and grow. 

With its dreamy melodies and raspy vocals, your latest single, “All I Can Do”, is a departure from some of your previous collaborations. Can you tell me about the process behind the song? What was the inspiration behind it/what made you shift gears?   

We knew that sooner or later we were going to have to make a crossover track that could be played out both on the radio and in the club, and this was the first track that we worked on that met the criteria. We sat on some initial ideas and massaged out vocals with Silver until we got to a place all of us were happy with. Then it was just figuring out the production and making it sound proper. We have a couple more on the way, but don’t expect us to only be making radio friendly tracks, we still have a lot of our heavier club oriented tracks coming too. 

Who is Silver and how did you come across him?

Silver is a good friend of ours from the Caribbean. He has wanted to stay anonymous, but we are sure in due time he will come forward with his identity.

You've worked with the likes of Diplo, Steve Aoki, Skrillex, and Major Lazer among others. Do you have a favorite story/anecdote from these collaborations?  

Working with all of them has been a learning process, but working with Steve Aoki was certainly the most fun studio experience because he is so high energy and outgoing.

Who would you like to collaborate with next?

Linkin Park, or any of the Marleys.

 You’ve played at Ultra Music Festival, Electric Zoo, Tomorrowland, Life In Color, and many others. What are your pre-show rituals?

Ok Go made a documentary about our pre-show warm up ritual entitled ‘Here It Goes Again’, it was really nice of them to make such a nice documentary about us.

Dream stage to play on?

Olympic Opening Ceremony

Song of choice for your American road trip?

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up 

In your opinion, which US state currently has the best Dance Music scene?

Is this a loaded question... Obviously California!

What’s next?

We have so many releases coming up, we just don’t know what we can and can’t tell you about yet, but there are a lot of big collabs and tracks right around the corner, and more from us on Polydor!

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