#UsofALogoPlay Winners

We spoke with the winners from our logo competition to find out more about them and what inspired their designs.


Chris George

Chris George is a graphic designer and illustrator hailing from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.



What inspired your design?

I always think of America as a huge strong country that dwarves my small country so I wanted to create that in a logo. I was looking at huge corporations that are American and McDonald's stood out. It’s most possibly the most famous logo– it’s known all over the world. I created many different logos but I never wanted to completely change the look as I think it’s boldness fits so well with America being such a powerful country.

Song of choice for your American road trip?

I would have to say a playlist of ‘guilty pleasures’ as this is what I listened to on my last American road trip to NOLA.

Emily Charlotte Jackson

Emily Charlotte Jackson is a student of American Studies at the University of Nottingham. Jackson says she is a huge fan of the photography of Americana, particularly transitional spaces like motels, diners and gas stations. “There’s so much storytelling in them.” She is currently doing an exchange year abroad in Macon, Georgia.

Juicy Fruit.jpg


What inspired your design?

I think the classic juicy orange is so evocative of American culture. From the national fruit of Florida, to the orange groves of southern California, I associate them with warmth, liveliness and bright summers. I thought it would be perfect to incorporate them into a design centered on a celebration of American culture and style.

Song of choice for your American road trip?

"How Far We've Come" by Matchbox Twenty. It makes me feel as if the world is ending and I'm driving with the windows down into a solar flare.

Courtney Caswell

Courtney Caswell works at Live Nation Entertainment, where she is responsible for concert promotion and tour management across America. Home for Caswell is Houston, Texas, but she currently resides in London, England.

UsofA_Logo_NP (1).jpg

What inspired your design?

I grew up in Houston, one of the most diverse communities in the US. International Day at school was the best!  Everyone's mother made their best dish and brought it to school; students would wear the traditional dress from their home countries. From a young age I grew to appreciate friends from distant cultures: Columbia, Finland, Ireland, Mexico, China, Libya, beyond.  

There is so much political talk about how to manage immigration these days, in the US, Europe, SE Asia, no area is immune. I understand the importance of a good system, however, I don't like the overgrown negative connotation of the word "immigrant."  So many stories of hardship and courage for people just to reach a safe destination, for a better life. I respect that journey.

For my design, I looked up the current US immigrant populations by percentage and added the flags of the largest groups to the American flag. That is how I see my America.


Song of choice for your American road trip?

Tough question! My mind immediately goes to "Free Falling" by Tom Petty, because that is the song that Tom Cruise can finally sing on the road in the movie Jerry Maguire.  I am going to go with albums, though: The Black Crowes/Shake Your Money Maker & Pearl Jam/Ten.