Behind the scenes of our Issue Two cover shoot with Dua Lipa

What do you do when you have a two hours to spare in LA? Hit Hollywood of course! That’s what we did earlier this year when we caught up with fearless pop queen Dua Lipa in the midst of her whirlwind tour across the US.

Tag Christof's series Motel 69 pays tribute to America's iconic roadside institutions

The photographer reflects on his time spent photographing and staying in motels across the US, preserving the legacy behind the “Vacancy” sign.

Creating the ‘Perfect World’ with production designer Rick Carter

From Forrest Gump to Avatar, Rick Carter has worked on some of the most iconic films of our times. Brooke Harris Wolff speaks to the Academy Award winning production designer and Steven Spielberg’s right-hand man about his vision, both onscreen and offscreen.


Remnants of America’s Golden Age with Leah Frances of Instagram’s @AmericanSquares

Raised on a steady diet of Mid-Century American cinema, Leah Frances’ fascination with cataloguing relics of America past comes as no surprise. We spoke to the photographer behind the US-focused Instagram account @americansquares about her work.

So Long For A While: West Hollywood’s Hit Parade Waves Goodbye, for now

This year the iconic West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade will be replaced by a protest march for human rights. Rick Sandack reflects on decades-old celebration of the LGBTQ community.

Wonder Woman: The OG Feminist Icon

Ahead of the release of the first ever Wonder Woman film, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, we take a look at the legacy of the first female superhero - an icon of female empowerment.