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Submission guidelines

From Alabama to Wyoming, Us of America shines a light on every state. Through investigative, photographic, and personal features, we seek to amplify all voices– to celebrates the spirit of America and its people.

We want:  

  • Unique angles! Probably the most important thing to keep in mind when pitching to Us, which leads to…

  • Research! What else has been written on the subject? See if there is an expert you can speak with, how you or someone you know personally has been directly affected, or a way to add historical/social context.

  • We love reading about stories that are lesser known– the weirder and more obscure the better!

  • Articles that are contemporary yet have a nostalgic slant.

  • Opinion pieces on the shit that is going down in the United States (i.e. politics, race, gender inequality, healthcare, etc).

  • Interviews or profiles on intriguing Americans especially those on the margins. American outsiders, underground or everyday heroes.

  • Book, film, art reviews. Be original and informative in your approach, and remember to contextualize.

  • Witty, off-the-wall pieces on American culture, people and, yes, celebrities.

  • Personal essays BUT these must be done with a deft hand. We will only publish thoughtful, well-crafted, and insightful pieces with a bit of research.

In addition to writing, we want to see your art! Photography, illustrations, short films and documentaries are all welcome.

We’re also on the lookout for pieces for our upcoming regular features: 

Made in America: Championing our craftsmanship and heritage, “Made in America” looks at a particular brand or company that is still “Made in the USA.”

Flying the Flag: An in-depth interview with an American activist or free spirit.

Lastly, please stick to the assigned word count! (10% over or under the agreed upon length is OK).

Send all pitches to the following people, including PITCH in the subject line.