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Sundance: Interview with "A Ghost Story" Director David Lowery

Coming off his success as the director of Pete's Dragon, David Lowery takes a sharp turn towards the supernatural with his latest film A Ghost Story, starring Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck. He sat down with Us to explain this haunting love story, sheet ghosts, and his dueling thoughts on the afterlife.

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Sundance: Julian Rosefeldt on his incredible film "Manifesto"

Visual artist and filmmaker Julian Rosefeldt teamed up with Cate Blanchett to create Manifesto, a multi-screen installation showing that the right message can come from any mouth, in any way and still have power. Now, as the installation has been made into a feature film, Rosefeldt tells Us about his desire to reach the audiences that need to hear this message most.

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Sundance: Catching up with "Raw" director Julia Ducournau

Although currently making headlines for causing audience members to faint in Toronto, Raw is so much more than a horror film. It's a coming-of-age story exploring the sexuality and independence within the college experience but with something far more sinister under the surface... Begging the question, what defines our humanity?

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