Larry Fink’s new book, The Outpour, is an ode to equality and resilience

Photo: ©Larry Fink

Photo: ©Larry Fink

Tell us about your experience at the Women’s March earlier this year.

Being a man from the revolutionary 1960’s confronted with the 2016 Republicanism– force fed and led by Trump’s vulgarity. To experience the amazing outpour of human goodness [at the Women’s March] was exalting, invigorating what was left of my sense of hope and the potential for the triumph of goodness.

Why do you think these types of movements are important at this time in our country’s history?

They believe in the common good, they believe that there are solutions which can be applied to human contradictions. They are adverse to the more common, almost criminal cruelty of the Republican mentality which is based on singular winning and triumph against anybody who disagrees with you. This kind of thinking is not only anti-democratic, but dangerous.

Tell us about your book The Outpour.

It is a book of action portraits of women who came to the March to impact the goodness of intention. Each of the portraits hopefully is imbued with deep human empathy. It is that which I experienced and it is that which made me feel so terribly alive.

Photo: ©Larry Fink

Photo: ©Larry Fink

What prompted you to make this body of work into a book?

Planned Parenthood, an absolutely essential organization for women's health is more than likely being defunded by the misogynist prejudices of the majority of these Republican white men. It seemed to me logical to produce a beautiful book, to be sold at a reasonable cost, with all of the proceeds given to Planned Parenthood. My wife, Martha Posner, was the originator of the idea, and my assistants Manda Quevedo and Emma Horning were the compatriots of the producing of this book.

Why did you choose Planned Parenthood as the recipient of the book’s proceeds?

I am a parent and I love women.

What role do you think photography plays in politics?

From time to time, it can play a role based on the specifics of the process of the moment.

Do you plan to attend any future protests/marches?

My plans are to be political, whatever that state of being means, for the rest of my time here on Earth.

What’s next?

Donald Trump wants to play chicken with a equally obnoxious and egotistical leader, Kim Jung-Un. There might not be anything left after these two adolescent idiots get through with us. So what's next? Let’s hope for the best.


The Outpour is available for purchase here

All proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood