Get to know: Ill Camille


Get to know Ill Camille and watch her latest music video for her new single "Live it Up" below. 

Where did you grow up, and what was it like?
I grew up in many places in and around Los Angeles. Being raised by aunties, uncles,
grandparents on both sides of my family, I lived in View Park, Leimert Park, Culver City, Cerritos, Inglewood, and Rialto. I rep ’em all. [Laughs]

How has your upbringing influenced your music?
Having that huge familial presence is the reason why my music sounds like it sounds—old and new. They had me listening to everybody from the Rolling Stones to Grover Washington to the Dogg Pound.

When did you start creating music?
I thought I was a producer in my kid years—definitely thought I was Quincy or somebody, because I always created songs for this "girl group" me and my cousins had in fifth/sixth grade. I wrote a song called "I Wish I Was A Bird" on a toy Casio keyboard, and it's been on ever since. But nah—2010 is when I officially starting pursuing music, on a serious level; 2014 is when I started to realize there is nothing else I'd rather do.

How would you classify your music?
My songs are all hood compositions, or HOod COmp. For rap, it's very musical. The lyrical content isn't always linear, rather a constant stream of thought at times. Many songs include background vocals, jazzy chord changes, and even poems. It's all art, and it’s honest creativity. Many people approach music with a formulaic approach, thinking, "All it needs is that bang and something catchy," without any real intent or soul behind it. Mine is not that.

Who are your influences?

Stevie Wonder is my favorite of all time. Easily. But I was influenced by A Tribe Called Quest, Kurupt, Snoop, Dj Battlecat, Patrice Rushen, Erykah Badu, Frank Sinatra, Sade, the Dungeon Family as a collective. Donny Hathaway. A lot of newer artists inspire me too.

Who would be your dream collaboration?
Dream collaboration would be with Cee-Lo. I'm gonna speak that into existence right now.

Song of choice for your American road trip?
"Almost There,” my song with SiR and Mndsgn (shameless plug, haha).

What’s next?
Going overseas is next. So many people I wanna meet, things I wanna experience. Got my passport. I am excited to be performing in Europe this summer.