Freedom! Freedom! Where are you?

Black Lives Matter. The Women’s March. Me Too. Times Up. And now, once again, the cry for gun reform. It’s safe to say that ‘Freedom’, specifically its physicality– of feeling safe and at home in one’s body and country– is a concept that’s skating on very thin ice in America right now.

These recent movements hold a mirror to America’s failings. They force us to acknowledge systemic problems and demand a response that’s not sidelined to an issue of “mental health”. They are initiatives woven together by a refusal to live in fear, a demand for the right to feel safe in our bodies regardless of race, gender, or someone’s constitutional right to “bear arms.”

Banding together and demanding action in numbers is the way forward. To do so we must confront the very real underbelly of our culture, politics and history that’s causing so many to live in fear. We must reexamine what it means to be free– and what it means to others.

Following the release of Issue Three, in which much of the work published explored freedom through hope, especially of achieving autonomy and self-control*, we decided to ask our wonderful contributors what freedom means to them. From musings to quotes and poetry, their responses speak to the multifaceted nature of ‘Freedom’.

Click through below to see a compilation of their responses.

Words: Emily Freedman