Watch: Cowboy Keeylocko, the man who built his very own town

What does it means to be an American Cowboy? That’s the question we put forth to Ed Keeylocko in Issue Three of Us of America. Back in the 1960’s, the black cattle rancher was told by some racist auctioneers, “Why don’t you build your own town and sell your cattle from there, ain’t nobody going to by from you in this town, boy.” So that’s exactly what he did.

A big middle finger to racism, sexism, and bad manners - Cowtown Keeylocko is Ed’s vision. His main rules: “No loud cussin’, no spittin’ on the floor, and no disrespectin’ the ladies.” Want to know more about the 85-year-old founder of perhaps the most quixotic town in the American West? Of course you do!

You can read our interview with the cowboy himself, by picking up a copy of Issue Three. Available now at select newsstands and Barnes & Noble stores, and here on In the meantime here's a video to help get you acquainted.