Behind the scenes of our Issue Two cover shoot with Dua Lipa

Stars, Sun, and Palm Trees. Earlier this year we met Dua Lipa in Los Angeles to shoot the cover for our second issue. Prior to the release of her debut album, but with an already sold-out US tour Dua’s star was firmly on the rise. So, what better backdrop for a photoshoot than Hollywood? A town associated with fame, ambition, and beauty, and the place where stars are immortalized.

Dua’s free spirited attitude and willingness to take risks, whether it be crossing the pond to take on the US charts or baring her personal heartbreak with her self-titled debut album, inspired our theme for this issue, “Be Bold. Be Free.” It’s not easy to find time for an impromptu photoshoot when you’re as busy and in demand as Dua is - we had two hours for our photo shoot and to get the cover shot. Luckily, thanks to the high-energy team, everything ran smoothly. You don't often find someone of Dua’s stature who a) won’t bat an eyelid at getting changed in a van, b) will hike through the Hollywood Hills in seven inch heels, and c) is kind to everyone she meets. It’s not hard to see why millions love the woman whose name quite literally means “love” in Albanian.

Click below to go behind the scenes with our Issue Two cover star who is very much on her way to superstardom.

Special thanks to Lorenzo Posocco (stylist), Sami Knight (hair stylist), Lilly Keys (make up artist), Andrew Arboleda (photo assistant), and Oui Productions.

Words: Emily Freedman