Max Joseph goes back to the future in his new docuseries, Charismatic Thinkers


Filmmaker and television host Max Joseph, knows a thing or two about "dicks". From growing up in New York to living in Los Angeles, where he has worked behind and in front on the camera, Joseph is used to inflated egos. Who better then, to tackle our current socio-political climate? 

Best known for co-hosting the reality television show, Catfish, Joseph is not one to shy away from confrontation, especially when the chance to shock or provoke a discourse beckons. His next project, Charismatic Thinker, which recently launched exclusively through the social network Vero (who he teamed up with to produce the series), does just that. Infused with his trademark wit, humor and charm, the docuseries of bold short films touches on themes such as racism, narcissism, global politics and gender equality. In Max’s words, these are the "visual essays he’s always wanted to make".  

Now, I know what you might be thinking but, no, the series doesn't focus on The White House per se. (Although, the first episode is entitled "DICKS" and Joseph isn't shy in expressing his political views). Rather, he asks questions in an attempt to raise awareness, and sometimes provide answers, in an entertaining and easily digestible format. "DICKS", for example, asks whether or not you really need to be a "dick" in order to be a great leader.

Mixing animation with interviews from renowned filmmakers and respected writers, Charismatic Thinker is a fresh and thought-provoking docuseries. Joseph manages to strike the right balance between entertainment and education, resulting in a work that takes viewers on a journey across America and through history. Charismatic Thinker effectively goes "back to the future" in an attempt to untangle some of Joseph’s – very timely – questions.

Charismatic Thinker is available exclusively through Vero. Sign up to view the full content.