at the Republican National Convention

Among the gathering of thoughtful moderates, angry liberals and foaming-at-the-mouth wingnuts at the Republican National Convention in mid-July was an unusual presence. The man's placards, bearing catchy slogans encouraging peace, tolerance and compassion, were already off-brand inside a convention bogged down in dire proclamations about an apparently doomed nation, but it was his elaborate ensemble that truly captured eyeballs. Dressed in a Marvel Comics leotard, action hero boots, and a sea-blue colored turban, the self-styled 'Sikh Captain America' proudly announced his intentions to kick intolerant ass and take names.

Vishavjit Singh, to use his civilian name, spoke to Us of America about his alter ego and the radical power of his crime-fighting suit:

"Suddenly thousands embraced me and took photos with me. Police officers, FDNY fire officials – so I knew that I had tapped into something where I could at least temporarily create a bridge. Mess with people's perceptions, have them embrace me, and all the fear and anxiety goes away."

Watch our video intro to Vishavjit above, or over at our Vimeo.

Read more from cartoonist, activist and performance artist Vishavjit Singh in the premiere issue of Us of America, launching November 2016.